Airbag Crash Data Clear Online System

Welcome to the ARMHEX Center. We provide an online airbag reset service that can help you clear crash data from the airbag module dump. Using our online system, you can quickly and easily clear crash data and repair (reset) the SRS module.

Easy Steps to Clear Crash Data Using ARMHEX Online Service

To clear airbag crash data, please log in or create a free account. Alternatively, you can do it without registration using the search box at the bottom of this page. We highly recommend you register on the website. By registration, you benefit from special discounts and free technical support.

Airbag Module Reset Training Video Course

If you are interested in repairing airbag modules and seat belts like a pro, looking for a complete and advanced training course, want to learn all methods, and secrets, buy the best tools, and anything you need to know to become a master, check the contents and don't miss this fantastic course.

You can get detailed information about this course and a table of contents in the training course section.


Guarantee and Technical Support

Our services have a full warranty and after-sales service. We provide you with the fastest and best technical support.

WhatsApp: +1 657 229 1838


Airbag ECU Types Supported by ARMHEX

Total 20,889 airbag types. Last update 19-Jul-2024

Note: If the part number is not found through the search, contact us for free support.

Brand Model Type

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microelectronic 2024-07-23
Hello, Thank you very much for choosing ARMHEX.
RphBck 2024-07-22
Fast, all files work well :-)
Hello,thanks a lot for your comment and for choosing ARMHEX!
Alfacars 2024-07-10
exelentes, muy recomendables...brindaron apoyo tecnico, anduvo perfecto
Hello, Thanks a lot for your comment and for choosing ARMHEX!
J2PERFORMANCE 2024-07-05
hi always the best support and files always work .
Hello, Thanks a lot for your comment and for choosing ARMHEX!